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As 2020 Comes to a Close (Finally!)...

We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for helping us through this year.

All year long we heard “now, more than ever”. Circle heard it too. We made this phrase our own and applied it to intentional and strategic action to empower, transform, and enrich girls’ lives through community, connection, camp, and mentorship.

We did not close down this summer or discontinue operations. We delivered. We educated. We listened. We developed. We connected. We did not let challenge interfere with our commitment to serving our Circle participants.

  • We were able to implement and teach the full curriculum we had planned for a traditional summer camp experience, while adding new sessions and material to ensure that we were addressing the current needs and challenges of our Circle participants.

  • There were more guest presenters than ever willing to volunteer their time, expertise, and knowledge to help us show our girls the options and opportunity out there for them.

  • Our staff and volunteers successfully delivered fresh produce to all Circle participants and their families on a weekly basis throughout the entire summer.

  • Because of our innovative, at-home virtual programming model, we were able to not only make an impact on our Circle participants, but countless family members and friends who joined the activities.

  • Our Circle Mentors went above and beyond, finding creative ways to connect with their mentees under extremely difficult conditions.

  • We did all of this while ensuring the health and safety of all involved, diligently following federal and state official guidelines.

The only way we managed to accomplish any of this was due to your continued support. You, made the difference! Because of our loyal contributors, we were able to keep our doors and minds open to innovation and creativity, driven by hope of a stronger and brighter future.

We have no intention of slowing down. We are looking ahead, excited about what we can accomplish in 2021!

Wishing you happiness and good health,

Chelsea Francek

Executive Director

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