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      The Circle Program is an opportunity for volunteers to invite joy and challenge into their lives for a few hours a month, while helping a young woman-child, who is at-risk of never feeling worthy otherwise, to grasp a stronger sense of self. We aren’t about fixing anybody. We are about appreciating each girl, while offering alternative choices for her to consider along the way.


     Key to the success of our work with girls is our Mentor Program. Our volunteer mentors are charged with developing a caring, accepting and positive relationship with their girl or teen, along with keeping them connected to our program throughout the school year. After camp, each girl and teen is paired with a woman volunteer mentor from her community. Circle Camp provides the foundation for our program while our mentors keep the spirit of our community alive within their one-on-one and small group relationships.


     Girls and their mentors meet at least twice a month during the school year. This includes attending our group gatherings every other month and community service events. The group meetings are critical as they allow the girls to maintain the connections and friendships they made at camp.


     Circle teens and their mentors meet at least once a month and also participate in group gatherings and community service events geared to their ages and stages of development.


     Mentor meetings are held every other month and are facilitated by the Circle Program staff. These meetings provide on-going training and provide an important connection between the program and the volunteers serving our girls and teens. Our mentors do a very important job and we strive to make sure they are well supported.



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